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Epstein insurance was established 20 years ago by Pinchus and Miriam Malka Epstein.

We serve all English Speakers in Israel whether you’re here for a short visit, a year, a few, many, and even if you’ve made Aliya.

We sell International Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Student Insurance. We’ve added new products to include Home Insurance, Life Insurance, and Mortgage Insurance.

We offer you English-speaking salespeople, with personal attention and great customer service. We don’t sell you anything you don’t want or need. We educate you so you know what you’re buying. We help you file claims so that’s it’s done smoothly and painlessly and you actually get your money back.

What makes us unique?

We contact our clients after they return from a trip abroad to ask them if they have any claims.

We educate our clients about the Israeli healthcare system so they can make more educated decisions about what they need.

We’ve taken paperwork with us on vacation if something needed to be taken care of in a timely fashion.

We’ve worked Erev Shabbos/Chag to the last minute to deal with emergencies.

We tell our clients never think you’re bothering us with questions we’d rather you call 100 times to ask how to do things properly as opposed to calling us once when you’re already in trouble.

We give our clients emotional support when going through a difficult time.

We are open convenient evening hours.

How would you like to join our satisfied customers? Call today to set up a free phone consultation to see how you can benefit from our services.