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Travel Insurance -Worldwide medical coverage for traveling abroad
Maximum cover $ 5,000,000
No Deductible
Hospitalization 100% up to policy Max
Medications  $50 co-pay per medicine up to max $1500
Emergency Dental $400 ($50 deductible)

Additional coverage options to be added to standard policy
Pregnancy up to 32 weeks up to $350,000 up to age 42
Pre-existing stable conditions                                                                                                                                                -Luggage  $2250 ($50 deductible)
Valuables  max $500 ($50 deductible)


Student Insurance – Medical Covid coverage for Students/Tourists studying/visiting Israel

Provides Covid Clause required by Israeli Government for Ishur purposes
No deductible
Direct payment with contracted Dr.’s
Hospitalizations covered  up to 350,000 NIS/90 days
Emergency Dental Treatment up to 700 NIS at contracted Dentists
Medications covered up to 700 NIS